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    Most employees do not want to be at work 12 or 16 hours a day. The follow the sun model gives your employees their lives back to spend more time with family and recreation. Working normal daylight hours keeps employees happy, healthy, and motivated to work while your company is still able to offer round-the-clock service. Follow the sun is also used by software development teams that are spread out across global sites. The constant workflow increases response time and reduces time to market.

    How the moon loved the sun?

    When the sun meets the moon, something quite magical happens, in the shape of a solar eclipse. The phenomenon occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth. A total solar eclipse can happen only at a new moon, when other types of alignment occur as well.

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    By having your customer service team work around the clock or in multiple locations, you greatly increase the chances of being available to every customer who calls your business. And so, losing out on customers Follow-the-sun who call during off-hours can hurt your business. Additionally, your business also becomes accessible to customers outside your target market. There are numerous customer service approaches and models out there.

    Although the advantages presented above could take your business to the next level, adopting a follow the sun model comes with its own set of challenges and disadvantages. Employees hand off work at the end of each shift to the next site that is beginning a new shift several time zones to the west. Increase response time to solve problems more quickly, and reduce development and production times to get products and services to market faster. There are few documented cases of companies successfully applying FTS. Some companies have claimed to successfully implement FTS but these companies did not practice the daily handoffs.

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    CodersLink has helped companies set up a location in Mexico with qualified tech teams. The concept of Institution of Engineering and Technology is not entirely new but has gained traction in the past few years thanks to the improving technology that makes it possible and far more efficient.

    Who said live by the sun love by the moon?

    The method literally follows the sun so work is performed during normal work hours anywhere in the world. And customers in one location do not get preferential or more support than any other location. Response times are increased, delays in problem-solving are reduced, and customers are satisfied.

    Response times are increased, delays in problem-solving are reduced, and customers are satisfied. Daily handoff cycles or handing off work-in-progress are a requirement of FTS because without it the time to market cannot be decreased. In contrast to FTS this configuration chooses one location where labor is cheap and runs multiple eight-hour shifts concurrently.

    Benefits And Advantages Of The Follow The Sun Model

    All in all, the “Follow the Sun” model fits us well and good here at Cazoomi. It allows us to offer 24-hour support, 7 days a week, to our global clients, without compromising our support teams’ health or quality of living.

    Service and development sites are spread out across many time zones, allowing work to be passed from location to location. Because it is always daytime somewhere in the world, you need a way to support customers around the globe no matter what time zone they are in and without too much delay. The method literally follows the sun so work is performed during normal work hours anywhere in the world. And customers in one location do not get preferential or more support than any other location. The continuous integration and automated integration of source code allows each site to work in their own code bases during their work day, while the integration maintains updated, testable code to be used by the next site. Annnd that’s my spiel about why I think “follow the sun” is an ineffective approach and shouldn’t be pursued.

    How To Enhance Your Companys Productivity Using Follow

    Consider these basic steps and questions you need to ask before diving into a follow the sun methodology. All in all, it’s nowhere as slick as The Greatest software development service Game, but it has heart, plenty of golf, some nice cameos from the real players of the time, and as I say, it’s simply a good enjoyable sport biopic.


    Once available to only Fortune 1000 companies, Cazoomi introduces a way for your business applications to talk to each other for less than the price of a Netflix subscription. Learn how SyncApps by Cazoomi unlock the true power of data in your organization. bitcoin back office Customer service teams need to be on top of their jobs and resolve queries quickly and accurately. First call resolution rates should be high with agents available 24/7, not only for phone conversations or chats but also to resolve trouble tickets.

    Best Practices For Implementing A Follow The Sun Model

    Netprotect, helping them build their location in Mexico to add to their European and Asian locations and create a seamless operation. Many moons have risen and fallen long, long before youve came. SyncApps® by Cazoomi is the easiest way to synchronize your applications without breaking the bank.

    • Eventually, we realized that we could route our customers who awoke to the Sun in New York to our San Francisco location.
    • The largest factor causing this difficulty is poor communication.
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    • These teams provide customer support and software development as your company expands to new markets.
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    The follow the sun model is a service and support method that is designed to address and satisfy customer needs without regard to geographic location or current time. Companies large and small are able to provide 24-hour service without putting the burden on one site and requiring employees to work late shifts or overtime. Ideally, the work days in these time zones overlap such that when one site ends their day, the next one starts. For follow the sun, companies will likely have 2 or more locations across the globe.

    Our team leads are also free to choose when and where they work weekends – and many often do, because the “Follow the Sun” model is as versatile as it is steady. If you think your business can benefit from offering global 24/7 customer support, then you need to start planning how to provide this service. Similar to the above point, a common issue with a Follow the Sun model is improper hand-off coordination. This happens when the previous team does not properly hand off pending or incomplete tasks to the new team or individuals in the next shift. Again, a well-designed CRM or project management system can help ease this process. However, employees need to take the time to update their records. In Fort Worth, Texas, teenaged Ben Hogan works as a caddy at a country club to help his family make ends meet, and one of the club’s professional golfers coaches the talented youngster for free.


    Myself, and many people I have talked to recently, are settling into this new reality of being at home with a positive, and hopeful outlook. We can take this metaphor forward in our lives, everyday, as this reminder. We hope that you find everything you could want to enjoy your stay in Mexico Beach as we rebuild this community to be better than ever. web development consulting There are some amenities throughout the town that are still slowly coming back online but there are places to eat, shop and of course the sun and sand could never be better. You will see homes and businesses determined to get back to normal with much progress being made daily. We are happy to help you navigate anything in the area you need to find.

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    In addition to the all-important consistency, which also impacts the overall experience with your business and brand, it also allows teams to be feel like a part of the team — not simply a satellite of HQ. Successful businesses satisfy customer needs—and for some businesses, especially those that have expanded globally, that means providing superior customer service and support 24 hours…in a row. Adopting a follow the sun support methodology can help you provide high-quality, on-time service and support when your internal and external customers need you.

    Reasonable Work Hours

    This can help employees maintain a work-life balance and do a better job when interacting with customers. the Follow-the-sun model involves helping managed service providers establish and maintain a global presence with distributed teams, centres, and workflows across regions, locations, and time zones. Issues and tickets can be coordinated across teams and time zones with an eye on reduced delays and increased responsiveness enabling 24/7 services.

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