• Lesbian Sex Roles: The Best Guide pt.2

    Lesbian Sex Roles: The Best Guide pt.2

    4. Usually The One Up

    Strategy then the mature cam One Up will rock her world if your girlfriend’s vulva is especially sensitive down one side! Have her lie on her straight straight back in the side of the sleep or in the settee. You kneel on to the floor and raise certainly one of her legs up within the atmosphere. She then holds her leg in place by clasping her arms together under her thigh.

    She is supported by you other leg on your own shoulder and begin to consume her away. She’ll manage to then add motion and guide your tongue and lips in to the spot that is perfect!


    • This place is unbeatable for cunnilingus since it tilts your partner’s hips and puts her clitoris into the ideal place!
    • The majority of women are specifically sensitive and painful down one part of the vulva. In case your partner currently understands, she can go to the side – that is best or even, simply switch sides – you’ll quickly find away which part feels perfect for her!


    • In case your partner does not have the flexibleness and/or power to carry certainly one of her legs up in this place, she will constantly sleep both of her feet in your arms or right straight back. It is maybe perhaps maybe not quite of the same quality for clitoral stimulation but do it’ll!
    • Similar to the Lazy Girl, this place could be tough on the knees. To ensure that you endure the exact distance, utilize a great pillow that is soft pillow!

    5. The Timeless 69

    Method If the art of providing and getting can be your jam, have actually your spouse take a nap on her straight straight back and very carefully spot one leg on each side of her head, dealing with their foot. Bend ahead and help your weight that is upper-body on elbows. Start carefully licking, kissing and drawing her clitoris while she comes back the benefit.


    • The classic 69 is an oldie but a goodie – it is acutely comfortable for both lovers and extremely difficult to have incorrect!
    • As the partner that is upper it is possible to get a grip on the intensity associated with stimulation on the clitoris by either lifting up or pressing down together with your pelvis on your partner’s lips. In the event the girlfriend desires more control, swap positions so just she can be at the top!
    • This position is perfect for leisurely foreplay as some people find it hard to climax while simultaneously giving and receiving pleasure.


    • For them to climax as I mentioned, many folks find simultaneously giving and receiving pleasure is too overwhelming and distracting. In the event that you simply want a difficult and quick orgasm, this really isn’t the career for your needs.
    • When your partner is straining her throat to reach up and stimulate you, decide to try putting a pillow or cushion that is small her mind, or work with a special pillow called a sex wedge. You’ll be able to swap roles and turns to be at the top.

    These five lesbian sex that is oral are our favorites and are usually guaranteed in full to make your girlfriend cum like nothing you’ve seen prior!

    Remember: don’t limit your self to simply cunnilingus and anilingus! You will find a large number of ways to include fingering and intercourse toys such as for example vibrators, strap-ons, and butt plugs into these jobs to really make them sizzle!

    If you wish to offer your spouse the shaking orgasm of her life, make sure to take a look at my complete guide where We share my top fingering and cunnilingus guidelines that can be used for optimum pleasure!

    The most readily useful lesbian strap-on sex roles

    While some of the lesbian oral sex jobs that we distributed to you in the earlier part can integrate the usage a strap-on, most of the intercourse moves in this section necessitate the employment of a strap-on.

    Only a few ladies enjoy strap-ons. I have it. That’s why I’ve provided methods for techniques these positions can be made by you feel just like enjoyable with no strap-on! Therefore, whether you utilize a dildo, a vibrator and even simply grind into one another without any adult toy after all, these intercourse roles will be sending your pleasure amounts towards the stratosphere!

    1. The Elevator

    Strategy in the event your girlfriend is into strap-ons, the Elevator is fully guaranteed to blow her head! Have actually her wear her favorite doll and stand along with her legs apart that is shoulder-width. You kneel right in front of her, look her right in the eyes and begin fellating the strap-on when you look at the hottest methods for you to think about!

    Smile while you swirl your tongue around the head before taking as much of the length into your mouth as possible as you run your tongue the length of the shaft and savor the look of lust in your girlfriend’s eyes. Stroking the shaft will be sending quivers of enjoyment throughout her vulva and also make her think about all of the dirty things she desires to do for you next!

    No strap-on? In the event that you aren’t into toys, the Elevator is simply as hot in the event that you merely kneel betwixt your partner’s legs and eat her away! She nevertheless gets the erotic vista of viewing you are going straight down at it on her and you can always stimulate her vagina and G-spot with your fingers while you’re!


    • Your partner’s view of you fellating her strap-on will be hugely erotic!
    • This place provides your hands quick access to her vagina rendering it ideal for employed in some G-spot stimulation.
    • If you value squirting, the Elevator could be the ideal place for making use of a squirting strap-on vibrator. Your spouse can drench that person in fake cum whenever you bring her to orgasm!


    • If you learn kneeling for the time that is long painful, decide to try squatting down instead.
    • This place may maybe perhaps not provide your gf the stimulation she has to cum. In this full case, use a vibrating strap-on to stimulate her clitoris as you draw and stroke the shaft. In addition to this, a strapless strap-on (held in destination internally by a light light bulb) is likely to make your every hand and mouth motion directly target her G-spot!

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